More ammo selection is available in the 458 SOCOM and 338 SPECTRE. Inventory changes daily. Check often

458 SOCOM Barrels are available


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Who We Are

SBR is a manufacturer and supplier of small arms ammunition to support Military, Law Enforcement and Government agencies. We also offer a variety of ammunition for the civilian market. Additionally, we are a Class II manufacturer, building custom weapons and support systems, and suppressors.

We are a licensed ATF Title 8 importer and Title 10 manufacturer, and registered with the U.S. State Department as a Manufacturer and Exporter.

We produce a variety of ammunition, including special application cartridges such as AP, API, and Tracer. Our LaserMatch® TRACER cartridge, designed for use with handgun and submachine gun applications, is the only ammunition available with the choice of visible trace ranges to best meet individual training requirements. LaserMatch® is also available in a total lead free frangible cartridge and Infrared Dim Tracer. Learn More about LaserMatch.

We also manufacturer a variety of total lead free (GreenMatch®) and reduced hazard cartridges with frangible bullets for ranges requiring non-lead or reduced lead ammunition. Our frangible ammunition is also an excellent choice for training and tactical applications where ricochet hazards are a concern. Learn More about our Frangible.

We are the leading manufacturer of .458 SOCOM & .338 Spectre ammunition.


More ammo selection is available. Inventory changes daily. Check often

International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) WARNING!

ITAR WARNING: We are a U.S. based business and re-shipping, or transferring products we offer for sale to unauthorized parties or locations outside the U.S. is illegal under both U.S. and International laws.