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Muzzle Velocity: 2200 fps

Muzzle Energy: 2150 ft-lb


Comments: A Lead-Free - Copper Polymer Frangible, high energy transfer projectile. Excellent medium game cartridge up to 150 yds.

Inceptor® ARX® is the next-generation of hunting ammunition.

LATERAL FORCE: The ARX® bullet’s hydraulic displacement effect is achieved by the ARX® technology. The ARX® flutes – grooves on the nose of the bullet – have wide mouths and narrow exit points. When combined with the bullet’s forward velocity into soft tissue, the design of the ARX® flutes causes an increase in pressure of the fluid.  As a result, the fluid is laterally ejected from the flutes at a higher velocity than the actual speed of the bullet itself, creating the massive cavitation and wound channels seen in the ARX® gelatin tests.

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