We are a manufacturer of small arms ammunition specializing in precision training, match, hunting & tactical cartridges. All of our ammunition is factory new and we do not produce any remanufactured products.  SBR duty and tactical line of ammunition, includes our SNIPER and ARMOR PIERCING series, are designed and loaded with the law enforcement officer and warfighter in mind. Our hunting cartridges are designed and loaded to get the best possible performance. Every lot is developed and tested in our on-site ballistic lab to produce maximum ballistic performance in every cartridge. Extensive military and competition shooting experience also goes into every round.

We are the original factory loaded ammo for the 458 SOCOM, and leading manufacturer of the 375 SOCOM, 338 Spectre, and 240 Spectre ammunition.

Local Pick-up:  Monday thru Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm