50 BMG (12.7x99mm) M8 API - 120 rd can

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In stock - ready for immediate shipping.   (Approx 100k rds available)  Ask us too about 50 BMG 4:1 (Ball:Tracer) Linked. Approx 3 millions rds available

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50 BMG - M8 – Armor Piercing Incendiary
• The cartridge has a manganese
molybdenum steel core, a point filler
of incendiary composition, and a lead antimony
base seal
• LCAAP October 2020 manufacturer 
• US DoD – DODIC A576

Available in:  
  • Loose Bulk, 120 rounds per M2A1 can
  • Two M2A1 cans per crate
  • 240 rounds per crate
  • 48 crate per pallet (11,520 rds)
Multiple pallets are available for immediate shipment.   

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