Southern Ballistic Research has introduced a new M-Series Armor Piecing Incendiary (API-Ti) cartridge. The new M-Series Armor Piercing Incendiary (Ti) utilizes enhanced Tungsten Carbide core penetrators and a titanium alloy.  Designed for use against high threat targets in situations when excellent penetration, incendiary affect and visible point of impact are required. 

The M-Series API-Ti accuracy is exceptional,  lower MOA at extended ranges compared to conventional API ammunition.  Manufactured to match specifications, and each cartridge is individually inspected to ensure the highest possible quality and round to round consistency, makes the SBR M-Series API-Ti cartridge the choice for many snipers.

The M-Series API-Ti bullet is designed to meet current insensitive munitions standards by using a titanium, non-chemical tip to produce visible incendiary affects upon impacting a hard target.  The API-Ti contains no incendiary chemicals and is not subject to the restrictive packaging, handling, and transportation like other explosive core incendiary munitions.

The round enhances the visibility of the impact so that the sniper or spotter can better detect the impact and make quick  “adjust-fire” corrections, and can ignite fuel vapor.