.338 SPECTRE 225 GR SP 20 RDS

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Like the .458 SOCOM, the .338 Spectre cartridge was developed specifically for the AR-15 family of gas-operated,  detachable-box magazine-fed firearms. The cartridge is intended to fill the gap between traditional pistol caliber

cartridges and existing rifle cartridges used in this weapon system. Early prototypes and development used M4  weapon platform with integral suppressors for use with sniper security teamsBy using .338 caliber bullets, the cartridge offers a nice variety in projectile choice, ranging from 180-grain to  300-grain HPBT rifle bullets. Furthermore, it allows the user to employ existing suppressors for the 9mm without modification, providing enhanced tactical firepower.

For the sportsman, the .338 Spectre offers a user-friendly cartridge in terms of brass forming (Parent case 10mm Magnum) and reloading, with light recoil and excellent performance on small to medium size game.

For the law enforcement and military, it offers solid terminal ballistics from one of the most-widely used weapons platforms with minor modification. The wide range of available projectiles should appeal to both the recreational shooter as well as the professional. In the LEA/MIL family, AP, API, and frangible are available for use for tactical applications.

The AP version of the 338 Spectre configured in a short compact M4, makes for similar tactical applications and performance to the Russian 9x39mm, but utilizing a more versatile M4 platform.